How Long? – Psalm 13

V11How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?How long will you hide your face from me?2How long must I take counsel in my soulAnd have sorrow in my heart for all the day? C1How long shall my enemyBe exalted over me? V23Look and answer me, O Lord my God,Light up my eyes lest I

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The Lord’s Song – Psalm 137

V11By the waters of BabylonThere we sat and weptWhen we remembered Zion,2On the willows there we hung our harpsOn the willows hung our harps. C13For there our captors required of us songsOur tormentors called for mirthSaying, sing, oh sing for us one of Zion’s songsSing for us one of Zion’s songs V24How shall we sing the LORD’s songIn

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Blood Cries Out – Psalm 106:34-48

V134The nations they did not destroy,According to the Lord’s command,35But mingled with the heathen onesAnd learned their ways 36They worshiped others’ idols,Which became a snare to them;37They sacrificed their sons and daughtersUnto demons C138And innocent blood they shed, the blood ofTheir sons and daughters, whom they sacrificedTo Caanan’s idols, and the land wasPolluted with blood

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Bitter Herbs – Psalm 106:6-33

V17Our fathers did not understandYour wondrous works in Egypt’s landRemembered not your mercies great,Rebelled at the sea, at the Red Sea. 8Yet he saved them for his name’s sake,His mighty power he might make known9Rebuked the Red Sea, drying it upHe led them through depths as through desert. 10So from the foe’s hand he saved

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The Devourers – Psalm 14

V11The fool says in his heart,“There is no God.”Corrupt, doing evil,There is none who does good. 2The LORD looks down from heavenOn the children of man,To see if there are anyWho understand,Who seek after God. V23They’ve all turned aside;Together they have becomeCorrupt; none does good,Not even one. 4Oh have they no knowledgeAll the workers of wrongWho

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Dry Bones – Psalm 6

V11O Lord, rebuke me not in angerNor discipline me in your wrath2O Lord, be gracious, for I languishMy bones are troubled; heal me, Lord C13My soul, alsoIs greatly troubledBut you, O Lord –How long? V24O Lord, return, deliver my lifeAnd save me for your steadfast love5In death there is no memory of youIn Sheol who

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Forever – Psalm 89:46-52, 1

46How much longer LORD — forever? — Will you hide away? How long will your wrath — like fire! — Continue to blaze? 47Remember me! What is my life? Did you create all men in vain? 48What man can live and not see death, Save his soul from the grave? 46aHow much longer LORD? 49Where

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