Promotion is one of the greatest challenges for Psalter Project. If psalm singing is to become widely normalized again, it has to be a grassroots effort – that means YOU! Get creative with social media, email, text, or best of all – in person. If you need inspiration, subscribe for a featured psalm video, lead sheet, and short devotional that you can share every month.


Psalter Project isn’t some exclusive club relegated to the “professionals.” While we certainly seek to produce the highest quality possible, our team includes a very wide pool of songwriters, translators, poets, musicians, producers, engineers, artists, etc.! If you are interested in helping create music with Psalter Project, feel free to contact us below.


Every song that Psalter Project produces costs around $1,500. In order to reach our goal of all 150 psalms, we need your help! We invite you to join us in our vision of bringing to life more fresh arrangements of faithful translations. Our next album, Bitter Herbs, is currently 48% funded.