Sunrise to Sunset – Psalm 71:12-20

12Oh God, be here with me.
My God, oh hurry to come help me.
13The foes of my soul be consumed.

With scorn and disgrace
Let those who seek my hurt be shamed.
14But I will hope and praise you at all times,
more and more!

17Oh God, from my youth you have taught me
And still I proclaim your great deeds,
18aSo even to old age and gray hair
Oh God, do not cast me away
Oh God, do not cast me away!

15My mouth will tell all day
Your righteousness, your salvation
Their fullness more than I can understand.

16So with the mighty deeds
Of the Lord GOD I will come,
And I’ll remind them of your righteousness
Yours alone!



19Your righteousness, O God,
Reaches to the heavens high.
O God, you’ve done great things, who’s like you
Who is like you?

20You gave me many troubles,
But you will revive again.
And from the depths of earth you will bring
Me up again!


18bUntil I proclaim of your might
Until I proclaim of your pow’r
To this generation
To all who are to come



Producer: John Schindele
Songwriters: Emily Bateman

Guitar, lead vocals: John Schindele
Cello: Jason Young
Percussion: Cory Bingham
Bass: Torin Ruehle
Flute: Danika Starrhart
Piano, background vocals: Emily Bateman

Album art: Gabrielle Haven