Blood Cries Out – Psalm 106:34-48

34The nations they did not destroy,
According to the Lord’s command,
35But mingled with the heathen ones
And learned their ways

36They worshiped others’ idols,
Which became a snare to them;
37They sacrificed their sons and daughters
Unto demons

38And innocent blood they shed, the blood of
Their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed
To Caanan’s idols, and the land was
Polluted with blood

39So with their actions they defiled themselves,
And played the harlot by their deeds.
40The Lord was angry then with
His people

So He abhorred his own inheritance,
41And gave them to the nations’ hand;
Their foes ruled over them;
42Oppressed them

Their enemies to their power subjected them
43And many a time did he deliver them,
But they provoked him with their counsel;
Sank down in their sin.

44And yet he noticed their distress;
He heard their cry, 45and for their sake
Remembered then his covenant
And relented

According to the greatness of his love,
46He caused them to be pitied
By the ones who carried them away

47Save us, O LORD our God, and gather us
Gather us from among the nations,
To thank your holy name, to triumph
In your praise

48Blessed be the LORD God of Israel,
From everlasting to everlasting
Let all the people say, Amen
Praise the LORD!


Producer: John Schindele
Songwriter: Emily Bateman

Guitar, lead vocals: John Schindele
Cello: Jason Young
Percussion: Cory Bingham
Bass: Torin Ruehle
Flute: Danika Starrhart
Piano, background vocals: Emily Bateman

Album art: Gabrielle Haven