Bitter Herbs – Psalm 106:6-33

7Our fathers did not understand
Your wondrous works in Egypt’s land
Remembered not your mercies great,
Rebelled at the sea, at the Red Sea.

8Yet he saved them for his name’s sake,
His mighty power he might make known
9Rebuked the Red Sea, drying it up
He led them through depths as through desert.

10So from the foe’s hand he saved them
Redeemed them from the enemy’s power,
11The waters covered their enemies,
Not one of them left to remain, 12then
Believed they his word, sang his praise

6We have sinned, we and our fathers
We have done iniquity
We have with wickedness acted
We have sinned

13They soon forgot his works; they would
Not wait upon his counsel; 14cravings
Seized them in the wilderness,
Put God to the test in the desert

15He gave them what they asked, but sent
Disease to waste among them; 16in
The camp they envied Moses, and
The holy one of the Lord, Aaron.

17The earth was opened up and swallowed
Dathan, and Abiram’s camp,
18Throughout their company fire blazed;
The flame came to burn up the wicked.


19They made a calf at Horeb, and  
A metal image worshiped; 20they
Exchanged the glory of their God
For the image of grass-eating oxen.

21And God their Savior they forgot,
Who did great things in Egypt, 22in the
Land of Ham did wondrous works,
And acts of great awe by the Red Sea

23Therefore he said he would destroy them–
If Moses his chosen one had
Not stood in the breach before him,
Turning his wrath away from them


24Then they despised the pleasant land
His promise they did not believe
25They grumbled in their tents and they
The voice of the Lord disobeyed

26Therefore he raised his hand and swore
He’d in the desert make them fall
27Their sons among the nations spread,
And scatter them throughout the lands

28Then they aligned with Baal of Peor,
Ate sacrifices to the dead
29Their deeds provoked the Lord to anger,
Bringing a plague out among them.

30Then Phinehas stood up and intervened;
The plague was stopped, 31and to him
Righteousness was counted, for
All generations everlasting

32They angered him at Waters of
Meribah; Moses suffered then
Because of them, 33for they made him
Embittered in spirit, and he spoke
Rashly he spoke with his lips



Producer: John Schindele
Songwriter: Emily Bateman

Guitar, lead vocals: John Schindele
Cello: Jason Young
Percussion: Cory Bingham
Bass: Torin Ruehle
Flute: Danika Starrhart
Piano, background vocals: Emily Bateman

Album art: Gabrielle Haven