confession of sin

Blood Cries Out – Psalm 106:34-48

V134The nations they did not destroy,According to the Lord’s command,35But mingled with the heathen onesAnd learned their ways 36They worshiped others’ idols,Which became a snare to them;37They sacrificed their sons and daughtersUnto demons C138And innocent blood they shed, the blood ofTheir sons and daughters, whom they sacrificedTo Caanan’s idols, and the land wasPolluted with blood […]

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Bitter Herbs – Psalm 106:6-33

V17Our fathers did not understandYour wondrous works in Egypt’s landRemembered not your mercies great,Rebelled at the sea, at the Red Sea. 8Yet he saved them for his name’s sake,His mighty power he might make known9Rebuked the Red Sea, drying it upHe led them through depths as through desert. 10So from the foe’s hand he saved

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The Devourers – Psalm 14

V11The fool says in his heart,“There is no God.”Corrupt, doing evil,There is none who does good. 2The LORD looks down from heavenOn the children of man,To see if there are anyWho understand,Who seek after God. V23They’ve all turned aside;Together they have becomeCorrupt; none does good,Not even one. 4Oh have they no knowledgeAll the workers of wrongWho

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Rock of my Heart – Psalm 73

1God is truly good To Israel, to the pure in heart. 2But as for me, my feet had nearly slipped, And my steps had almost tripped. 3For I coveted arrogant and wicked men. Saw their peace, 4they have no pain in death, Their bodies fat, 5without the cares others have. Never struck like other men;

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