Rock of my Heart – Psalm 73

1God is truly good
To Israel, to the pure in heart.
2But as for me, my feet had nearly slipped,
And my steps had almost tripped.

3For I coveted arrogant and wicked men.
Saw their peace, 4they have no pain in death,
Their bodies fat, 5without the cares others have.
Never struck like other men;
6Pride around their necks, clothed in violence,
7fatness from their eyes swelling.
Hearts flow over with folly;
8Still they mock, speaking loftily,
Speaking evil and oppression.
9Set their mouth against heaven,
Strut their tongue upon the earth,
10But people turn and see no wrong

11And they say, “How can God know?”
And, “Is there knowledge in the Most High?”
12Behold, these wicked always live at ease;
They make their riches increase.

13All in vain I have kept my heart clean,
Washed my hands in innocence,
14because all the day long I am struck;
Every morning I’m rebuked.
15If I said that this is how I’ll speak see then
I’d betray Your children, of a generation.
16And I thought, “How can I understand?”,
But I was overwhelmed.

17Until I went to God’s holy place,
And then I understood how they will end.
18You surely set them in a place to slip;
You make them fall to ruin.

19How desolate they become in a moment!
They will end, swept away by terrors.
20Like awakening from a dream is the LORD in arousing;
You despise them as just a shadow.
21But when my heart was bitter,
When my soul was cut apart,
22Such a fool, knowing nothing,
I was like a beast to you.

23But I am constantly with you;
You are holding my right hand.
24You guide me with your counsel, then
You take me to glory; 25whom have I in heav’n?
I want none on earth but you;
26Though my heart and flesh may fail,

But God is the Rock of my heart;
He’s my portion evermore.
27For see those far from you will die,
All untrue; you will end them.
28But as for me, God’s nearness is my good.
In the LORD God I take refuge,
That I may tell all your works.
1aOh God is truly good!


Written by Emily Bateman and Derek Moore

Recorded & produced by KEPLÜR
Mixed & Mastered by Jim Dineen
Art & Design: Patrick Bourckel