Praise the Lord – Psalm 146​:​1​-​6

Praise the LORD! My soul praise the LORD!
With all of my life, I will praise the LORD!
I will be singing to my God again
As long as I live, as long as I live.

Do not trust in kings, the son of man.
Salvation does not belong to him.
His spirit departs; he returns to his land
On that very day his plans will end.

Blessed is the one whom Jacob’s God aids
Who hopes in the LORD his God, who made
Heaven and earth and the sea; all they keep;
He will keep faith eternally.


Written by Emily Bateman and Derek Moore

Produced by Dave Yauk and Garden City P&P
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Wakefield
Album art by deNeale Lettering

Vocals: Clara Moore
Flute: Karen Nelson
Cello: Brighton Prescott