Settled - Psalm 37:1-11



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Translation: Derek Moore

Music: Emily Moore

Produced by Jeremy Casella

Drums & Percussion: Ken Lewis

Keys: Blair Masters

Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Programming, Textures: Jeremy Casella

Vocals: Esther Ellis

Mixed & Mastered by Jim Dineen

Of David.

1Don’t upset yourself because of evil men;
Don’t be envious of those who do wrong.
2For they soon will fade like the grass,
And they wither away like green herbs.

3Trust in the LORD; do what is good.
Dwell in the land; feed upon faith.
4Delight in the LORD, and he will give you
The desires of your heart.

5Roll your path away and put it on the LORD.
Trust him; he will act. 6And he will bring forth
Your righteousness like the light,
And your rightful cause like midday.

7Don’t make a sound in the LORD’s presence.
Settle yourself to wait upon him.
And don’t be upset when man’s way succeeds,
And when he makes his plans.

8Put your rage aside, and let your anger go.
Don’t upset yourself; it leads only to harm.
9For those who do wrong are cut off,
But those who wait for God own the land.

10It won’t be long ‘til there are no wicked.
Look at his place; he is not there.
11The meek own the land, and they take delight
In abundance of peace.

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