May the Lord – Psalm 20​:​1​-​6a

May the LORD give you answer
When the day of trouble comes.
May he raise you up to safety
In the name of Jacob’s God.

May he send help from the sanctum
And from Zion give you might.
May he think of all your off’rings
And accept your sacrifice.

May he grant your heart’s desire
And establish all your plans.
May we take joy in your rescue,
In our God’s name lift our flag.

May the LORD give all you ask for.
Now I know the LORD will save
His anointed; he will answer
From his heav’nly holy place.


Written by Emily Bateman and Derek Moore

Produced by Dave Yauk and Garden City P&P
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Wakefield
Album art by deNeale Lettering

Vocals: Clara Moore
Flute: Karen Nelson
Cello: Brighton Prescott