Forever - Psalm 89:46-52, 1



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Translation: Derek Moore

Music: Emily Moore

Produced by Jeremy Casella

Lead Vocals: Esther Ellis
Drums & Percussion: Ken Lewis
Bass: Matt Pierson, James Gregory
Piano, Keys, Dulcimer: Blair Masters
Electric Guitar, Lap Steel: Nathan Duggar
Acoustic Guitar, High String Guitar, Keys, BGV: Jeremy Casella

Mixed & Mastered by Jim Dineen

A Maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite.

46How much longer LORD — forever? —
Will you hide away?
How long will your wrath — like fire! —
Continue to blaze?
47Remember me! What is my life?
Did you create all men in vain?
48What man can live and not see death,
Save his soul from the grave?
46aHow much longer LORD?

49Where is your love, Lord — from ancient —
Which you had sworn?
In your faithfulness — to David —
50Remember, O Lord!
How your servants, they are mocked,
And my heart by nations crushed.
51Your enemies mock, Lord, they mock the steps,
Of your Anointed One.
49aWhere is your love, Lord?

52Blessed be the LORD — forever! —
Amen and amen!
52Blessed be the LORD — forever! —
Amen! Amen!
1Forever I will sing YOUR love!
Rrom age to age again
My mouth will tell your faithfulness.
52bAmen and amen!
52aBlessed be the LORD!

46aHow much longer LORD?
49aWhere is your love, Lord?
52aBlessed be the LORD!

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