Covenant King - Psalm 132



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Translation: Derek Moore

Music: Emily Moore

Produced by Jeremy Casella

Vocals: Kevin Mann

Drums & Percussion: Ken Lewis
Bass: Matt Pierson, James Gregory
Piano, Keys, Dulcimer: Blair Masters
Electric Guitar, Lap Steel: Nathan Duggar
Acoustic Guitar, High String Guitar, Keys, BGV: Jeremy Casella

Mixed & Mastered by Jim Dineen

A Song of Ascents.

1Remember, LORD, for David’s sake,
His afflictions, ev’ry one!
2He swore unto the LORD. He vowed
To Jacob’s Mighty One:
3“I will not go into my house.
I will not lie in bed.
4I will not let my eyes have sleep,
Or give my eyelids rest,
5Till I find a place for the LORD;
Find a dwelling place for Jacob’s Mighty One.”

6Look! We heard it there in Ephrathah,
Found it there in Jaar’s fields.
7Let us go up to his dwelling place;
Let us bow before his feet.
8Arise, LORD, to your resting place;
With the ark your might!
9And let your priests wear righteousness;
Your people sing delight!
10For the sake of David your servant,
Don’t turn back the face of your Anointed One!

11The LORD to David swore an oath
From which he will not turn:
“One from the womb, who is your fruit,
I will set upon your throne.
12If your sons keep my covenant,
My law I’ll teach to them
Then even their sons evermore
Upon your throne will sit.”
13For the LORD has chosen Zion.
He desires to have her for his dwelling place!

14Forever this will be my rest;
Here I’ll dwell as I desire.
15I’ll bless her food abundantly;
Satisfy her poor with bread.
16Salvation I will give her priests,
To cover them like clothes;
And then her saints will sing for joy,
17And David’s power will grow,
And a lamp for my Anointed I’ve prepared.
18I will clothe his foes with shame,
But on him his crown will shine.

(c) 2015 Psalter Project. All Rights Reserved.