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Your Own
Fresh Arrangements


Ready to match the song in your heart to God’s Word in the psalms?  We would love to come alongside you from start to finish. Psalter Project’s consulting services are designed to empower anyone, whether a worship leader or a professional musician or a stay-at-home mom, to transform your vision into reality.

Our services include:



 Ironically, the hardest part about putting a psalm to music is putting the actual psalm to music! It is always tempting to alter the text, but then the song becomes our word, not God’s. Fortunately, the translation process allows for much more flexibility than simply copying from your Bible. We will help you to create lyrics that are both enjoyable and faithful.



Writing music can be intimidating, especially if you have a particular audience in mind. We can help you learn some tips and tricks of the trade to create beautiful, singable music adapted to your specific needs and preferences.



If you’ve already written music for a psalm but it’s languishing in your closet, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you simply need sheet music or want to go to Nashville to record, we can help you get there!



If you love the idea of having your own fresh arrangements, but don’t have the time or energy to be an active participant in the creative process, we invite you to commission a psalm from Psalter Project.  Don’t let logistical barriers be an excuse to put off your vision for singing the psalms!


Our prices vary based on the scope of your project, so please contact us to learn more. Getting answers to your questions is always free!